Philip Simmons Heart with Cross and Key Cable Chain Necklace

This Valentine’s day, give a special gift to your loved ones, not just your significant other! Celebrate Valentine’s day with your best friend, mentor, mother, and other family members. To make this day extra special, we handpicked the perfect gifts for you from our exquisite collections. 

Happy February! This is officially the month of love – and we want to help you celebrate it! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we can hear the collective groan of loved ones having to remember to buy something special. Take that pressure off of yourself! If you don’t have a romantic partner to share the holiday with, that’s okay! Use this Valentine’s day as a chance to celebrate love of all kinds. Celebrate your best friend, your grandmothers or aunts, or even a peer who has inspired you to be the best person you can be.

Valentine’s day is an old tradition that some love and some just dread it. The paper hearts, the candy, the roses, the jewelry. This can all be very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This Valentine’s can be the perfect chance to give your loved one something very special from our collection, with no worry or stress on you.

Where did the tradition of giving jewelry come from? For many, jewelry is a very special gift and looked at as an investment. If someone presents you with a gift of jewelry, they are looking to invest in your relationship whether that is romantic, friendship, or the deep love of family. Jewelry is also celebrated as a rare and special gift, and also a reflection of how rare and special your relationship is to the gift giver. Remember, whoever you’re buying for this year, buy from the heart. Celebrate them as an individual and take the time to understand what they would love and why. Don’t just buy something because you think it’s shiny and looks impressive, and don’t buy something last minute or because it’s right in front of you and easy. Base the gift on the relationship you have with this person and what you love about them. Let the gift be a reflection of the love you have for them. To help you with picking out the perfect gift this year, we picked some of our favorite items to help spark some inspiration for you!

DAR Oval on Light Chain Necklace

For Your Family Members

Let’s start with celebrating your Grandmother or Aunt, with our DAR Oval on Light Chain necklace. This is a perfect piece to celebrate your grandmother’s and aunt’s history and the proud history you come from by giving them this thoughtful and treasured piece. The beautiful and intricate oval design comes from the centerpiece of The Daughters of The American Revolution’s Lay Light. The collection itself is inspired by the building that houses some of the most powerful tools, artifacts, and women of our time. It is still a very strong and active organization today and run by women that celebrate and focus on preserving the history of the American Revolution. In the Lowcountry, there are 69 chapters and 4700 members. Keep this beautiful legacy alive within your own. To learn more about the DAR, read our full blog here:

For Him

How about something special for him? This can be for your significant other, or it can be for an uncle, grandson, or son. We picked our classic sterling silver Celtic Cross. Not only is it a stunning piece, but it also has quite a special significance to it. It is, of course, a symbol of religion and protection of the Christian faith, but there is a little more to it. These crosses were first seen in Ireland in the middle ages, following the arrival of the Celts in 500 BC, and they have remained popular ever since. Some believe the crosses to be the representation of knowledge, strength, and compassion. Some believe wearing this cross helps you manage the ups and downs of life, while others believe the four arms stand for the four elements on earth (air, earth, water, and fire). Some see the four directions on a compass in the four arms of the cross, and others think it represents the mind, body, soul, and heart. What caught our attention is that the center ring is said to stand for infinite love, and what better message to give on such a love-filled day? 


St. Michael's Double Pearl Necklace

For Her

If you are celebrating a romantic Valentine this year, then this gift is perfect for you. We handpicked our St. Michael’s Double Pearl Necklace as our top recommendation for the special ‘her’ in your life. This gift will take her breath away, and is perfect for a pearl lover. It is made up of two strands of freshwater pearls along with a Saint Michael’s Slide Pendant. The pendant of Saint Michael was inspired by Saint Michael’s Church here in Charleston, which is the oldest surviving religious structure here in the holy city. It is one of the few Churches left in American that has retained its design style and is filled with items designed by some of the most influencing craftsmen of all time, with pieces made by Tiffany and other famous names. This beautiful piece will last as long as your love. They do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that was before they saw this beautiful piece.

For Your Best Friend

Valentine’s day is the perfect chance to celebrate your best girlfriends and celebrate the hundreds of reasons you love them and why you are thankful for them in your life! So, we chose our Single Strand Rice Necklace with Freshwater Pearls for them. This is a perfect celebration of friendship that is always classy and in style, and it is a timeless piece that celebrates your timeless friendship. It is elegant, rare, and stunning just like they are. It is something that will also never go out of style. They can wear them every day or save it for special occasions. This is also a wonderful chance to celebrate the Lowcountry. If you love Rice Beads just as much as we do, check out our blog on the history of these beautiful pieces by following the link below. 


College of Charleston Angel Fleur de Lis Shepard's Hook Earringss

For Your Mentor

We are lucky to have a special person come into our lives and change it forever. Maybe this was a professor, a coworker, or a fellow peer. They saw potential in you, and they never gave up. The pushed you and continue to push you to be the best you can be. So why not say thank you with something special? We chose our College of Charleston Angel Fleur De Lis shepherds hooks earrings as the perfect gift for this special mentor. Maybe you met this special teacher at the College of Charleston, and you want to give them something special that shows your gratitude along with commemorating a place that means something special to both of you! Fun fact, the Fleur De Lis symbol has been used to represent royalty and is said to signify perfection, light, and life. Its name translates to “Lily” and the original Lillie’s this symbol was drawn from was said to have grown from the tears shed by Eve as she left Eden.

We want to help you celebrate love on the most romantic holiday of the year. But remember, you don’t have to celebrate just romantic love. Celebrate love of any kind by giving them a special gift they won’t forget.