The Citadel Summerall Gate

The Summerall Gate at The Citadel, located at the end of Jenkins Avenue, is a historic landmark with a fascinating backstory. In 1838, the City of Charleston commissioned architect Charles F. Reichardt to design a new Guard House for the City Guard, an early police force. Renowned ironsmith Christopher Werner created a suite of ironwork for this building, including gates and window grilles.

After the 1886 earthquake destroyed the Guard House, the gates were sold and relocated to 32 Legare Street, becoming the famous Sword Gates. The Citadel later acquired the window grilles. When General Summerall retired, the grilles were moved to his estate, Whitehall, where shields bearing his rank and initials were added. Following his death, the gates were returned to The Citadel and erected in their current location as the Summerall Gate.

Embrace the legacy and elegance of The Citadel with our jewelry collection inspired by the intricate designs of the Summerall Gate.

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