Cross Collection

Inspired by the most magnificent artist of all, Nature. The Sea Life Collection features the beautiful shells and animals that the Ocean home.

Spoon Jewelry Collection

This sterling silver jewelry is made from reproduction salt spoons, small utensils from a time before table salt was free flowing as it is today. Since it was such a precious seasoning, only small portions were given to a person at the table. Salt was scooped out of an open dish known as a salt cellar, and sprinkled over food with the small spoons. Due to changes in processing of salt for consumer use, the open salt cellar and its accompanying salt spoon have become largely obsolete.

East BayStreet

This design is inspired by the cast iron door grilles at 141 East Bay Street, c. 1853. There are two pairs of these grilles on exterior doors.

Cross Collection

The inspiration for these unique designs comes from a wide range of origins. Stemming from flatware patterns, hand carved pulpit designs and alter crosses, these hand crafted sterling silver crosses will be sure to impress you.