The Top Things Your Jeweler Want’s You To Stop Doing

Loving and respecting your precious pieces of jewelry is something that you need to do once you add these pieces into your life. Are you doing everything to respect your pieces or are you’re driving your jeweler crazy with the bad habits you’ve fallen into? 

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of vintage and heirloom jewelry pieces. It takes time to cultivate and care for these unique pieces, just like it does to imagine, design, and create them. Right now, we want to focus on the beauty of our city, our Lowcountry community, the visitors who fell in love with our city, and why we create each of our pieces with such care. We need that beauty and that hope right now more than ever! But, to keep that joy and beauty going, there are a few things we would love our clients, customers, and friends to stop doing when it comes to the care and wear of their jewelry. Here is our list of what we would love you to stop doing to help preserve each of our pieces and to keep their stories alive.  

Your jewelry box holds some of your most precious and treasured items. It’s your secret and special place to keep them safe, protected, and to hold onto your memories. But why are you just shoving your pieces into this box and not bringing them out? They were created to be worn, don’t forget that! It’s time to pay attention to these items and love them the way they should be. 

  • Pieces stay in their prime when they’re cared for, and that means adding professional care into their routine. Taking your pieces to get professionally cleaned and cared for is so important. While most stores and jewelers would like to see you every six months for a good cleaning, once a year is acceptable. The best part? This is a free service that your jeweler offers! These cleanings also go far beyond deep cleaning. Jewelers have the opportunity to check for damage, signs of wear, loose prongs, and more. They can fix these issues right away, preventing some major disasters. Plus, seeing a piece come back into its original shop is like a visit from an old friend for a jeweler. It holds special memories for them, just like your pieces do for you. You also need to spend time keeping your pieces clean between professional cleanings, too. Please refer to our last blog for tips on how to do so properly. Do NOT use DIY cleaning methods, ever! 
  • Please, please, please don’t shower with your precious jewelry pieces on. It’s endearing that you don’t want to take these pieces off, but you’ll be doing yourself and your pieces a favor by taking them off before hopping into the shower. Soaps, shampoos, and face wash are all great for you, but not for your jewelry. All of these substances can get stuck inside your pieces of jewelry and damage the metal over time, loosen fittings, or even lead to rusting. 
  • Please do your research on the pieces you’re looking to buy and the materials used to create them. Know when to wear them, how to handle them, and exactly how to store them. You need to clasp your necklaces before you store them. You need to store them at the proper temperature and in the proper boxes. 
  • Please take the time to get your pieces appraised and insured. It shows respect to you or the loved one who bought the piece and to the jeweler. It’s easy to do and it’s inexpensive. This helps maintain the value and worth of each of your pieces, and it can ve insured under your homeowner’s insurance. It is very easy to get this protection and is very common. 
  • Always wear rings that have been sized properly! Get a ring resized if it doesn’t fit. An ill-fitted ring can get lost, damaged, bent, or chipped very easily. It’s a simple process to get a ring fitted properly, and one that can be done without causing harm to your ring. Don’t use sizers or any other kind of quick fix to help your ring fit better. These temporary fixes can damage your rings, beyond what damage is already happening to them. Avoid extra damage and take the time to get them sized, it will be worth your time. 

These pet peeves of any jeweler are the real thing. Not only does it irk us when you don’t take care of the pieces we’ve created for you, but it’s also hurting the pieces we worked so hard to make. It’s hurting the pieces you invested in and fell in love with. Take time to put extra love into all of your special pieces of jewelry, and keep them alive and well. Trust us, you’ll appreciate the outcome in the long run! 

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