Tips For Keeping your Silver Stunning

We are so proud of our beautifully crafted silver jewelry. We hope these special pieces are passed down through your family for generations to come. But this incredible precious metal is also one of the most susceptible to tarnish and damage. Do you know how to properly care for our beautiful pieces? 

One of the most special memories for many of us is tiptoeing up to our grandmother’s or mother’s jewelry boxes and tipping open the lids to see the hidden treasures nestled there. We knew the stories attached to each piece and why each was so special to them. We have special memories of those little pieces being slipped out and placed around our necks or our wrists for moments at a time. We remember the first time we were allowed to wear them out for a special night or celebration. We hope our beautifully crafted pieces become a special part of your family traditions and help you tell your family stories. The key to letting this happen is to take care of our pieces carefully and with purpose.

Silver is a very malleable precious metal and is very easy to create with. But it is also one of the most delicate metals and can easily become tarnished and damaged. Sometimes it seems like the moment we take it off for the first time, it rushes to do just that. So, we wanted to share with you some tricks of the trade to keep your special jewelry clean and cared for, for years and years to come! 

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Store in a tarnish preventive bag or box. Both can be found online or in stores. 
  • Wrap in a soft piece of felt or cloth.
  • Make sure your pieces are not exposed to air or light during storage. Excessive light and air exposure can lead to tarnishing. 
  • Do not rub or clean your silver jewelry with anything outside of a polishing cloth or a very fine piece of felt. 
  • Clean it before storing it! After you’ve worn your silver jewelry it has collected oils and sweat from your skin. If you let these build up and collect on your jewelry it can speed up the tarnishing process and lead to permanent damage. 
  • Store in an anti-tarnish wooden box. Do not store it in an un-coated wooden box or any box that is not specifically designed for silver. The wood will cause it to lose its shine and coloring. 
  • Separate your pieces carefully. Don’t just throw your pieces on top of one another. 
  • Do not store other kinds of jewelry with your silver. It can lead to it getting scratched by these other pieces or even damaged! 
  • Put your jewelry on last when you’re getting ready. This prevents any damage from makeup, lotions, sprays, and limits physical damage. 
  • Remove silver while cooking, working out, swimming, spending time at the beach, doing household chores, and when using bleach or other strong chemicals. 
  • Do not expose jewelry to extreme hot or cold temperatures. 
  • Never leave your silver jewelry just laying around. When taking it off at home, take the few extra moments to store it again. If you know you’ll be out at the gym or in situations that is bad for it, leave it at home. 
  • DO NOT clean it with baking soda or toothpaste. There are tons of DIY recipes and old family secrets on how to clean your precious jewelry. Unless given to you by your jeweler, avoid these cleaning hacks. 
  • Keep it away from rubber and newspaper

This list might seem a little overwhelming. But nothing is too much when protecting your beautiful silver pieces and the history and stories each represents. It’s worth it in the long run. Believe us, you’ll want to take the time to properly care for your silver pieces! 

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