The Beautiful Benefits of Silver

Silver jewelry has been something treasured and coveted for thousands of years. But beyond the beautiful jewelry and trinkets it has been famous to make, do you know what other wonders this incredible mineral can do for the human body?

We are very proud of the beauty and craftsmanship in each of our jewelry pieces. The creation behind each piece, the inspiration that creates them into being, and the memories each piece carries for their wearers. But beyond how they catch the eye, tell a story, and make any outfit truly pop – did you know that the silver you’re wearing has some of the most incredible health benefits known to mankind?

For thousands of years, humans have looked for some kind of protection from the gemstones and minerals around them. Kings and queens wore crowns not only to show their power, control, and wealth but also to protect themselves against any evil and ill will that might have come their way. But silver goes beyond mood rings and talismans. As far back as Greek and Roman times, silver was used to store food and drink. It was known to keep it clean and to prevent it from spoiling. Very important in the days before modern refrigerators and medicine! As scientists started to look closer into this fascinating mineral, it started to show its true strengths and properties. Many of these qualities are still being used today, and many believe that many uses are still yet to be discovered.

Today, silver has surpassed gold in its popularity and fashion as a metal base for jewelry thanks to a combination of price, value, and appearance. That beautiful necklace, pair of earrings, or rings around your fingers made of silver – also have a long history of being a powerful antibacterial agent. Long before modern medicine, silver was (and still is today) used as one of the most powerful antibacterial substances. It is an incredible agent used in fighting infections, helping with cold and flu prevention, and helps heal wounds faster and cleaner than most medicines.  With this knowledge, it is one of the main reasons why most medical equipment and tools were made of, and are still made of, silver. Wearing splints or braces that are made of silver or have silver inside of them can help reduce pain and prevent hypertension in the finger joints.

Silver also helps with your internal heat regulation and circulation. Helping with circulation helps your body heal faster with more blood pumping to the areas of your body that need it. It helps blood vessels keep their elasticity, and helps with healing bones and in skin repair. One of its most popular uses in skin repair is helping with severe burns and heals them better than steroids. Incredibly, silver destroys the MRSA pathogen quickly and effectively faster than most medications today. Silver also does not form a resistance in the human body nor does it create a resistance or immunity in the organism that it’s killing. It is common to build up immunity to medications after taking them for so long, but silver does not have this problem.

Silver can also help with the detection of toxins in your body or to warn you of dangerous toxins that could be ingested. Silver reacts and turns colors when exposed to toxins, and can save you from some very fatal situations. Silver can also help individuals suffering from anxiety and stress, by wearing what is called “worry jewelry”. These jewelry pieces can be made into spinning rings and other moving pieces that can be played with in times of high anxiety, stress, and worry.

Pretty incredible right? If after reading this you are inspired to wear every piece of silver jewelry you own, we wouldn’t blame you! But there are so many other beneficial and surprising uses of silver!

  • Wearing certain kinds of silver rings can help elevate arthritis symptoms in your hands
  • It is a natural immune boost.
  • It helps cure sinus infections and helps those who suffer from allergies.
  • It helps treat and fight bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • Silver purifies water! Water purification tablets and filters are used in many international airlines to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Silver can protect you from electromagnetic radiation that can come off of your keyboard, computer, and other electronics when you spend a lot of time working in front of these machines.

Silver can also be found today in lined sleep masks, gloves worn while working around electronics, and some fashion designers are even starting to sew silver into their clothes so their wearers can reap the benefits of its health benefits every time they wear the clothing item!

Pretty incredible right? The beautiful, simple, and ornate pieces of jewelry that we have all known and loved have quite the incredible background. Was this news to you? And do you think this was news to us? Or have we known these benefits all along and that is why we always use this incredible material in crafting each one of our stunning pieces? You might just have to buy one of our incredible works of art to find out!

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